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      Update: September 25, 2008

Polo and Turner have enjoyed a long standing relationship and this project has offered many special challenges to both highly regarded firms.  Many subtle architectural features have found their fullest expression in this dynamic and exuberant form of architecture which has been painstakingly researched and brought to life in their design.

 Masterfully integrated period details such as quarter sawn antique flooring, heavy hand split cedar shake roofing, copper half round gutters, historically accurate divided light windows, reclaimed hand hewn beams and beautiful wrought iron balconies replicated from one hundred year old designs are found throughout the home.

Polo and Turner have collaborated not only because of their shared desire to celebrate Americas great architectural legacy, but also their commitment to incorporate the most sophisticated heating & cooling, smart home and energy saving technologies to create a residence of singular beauty that will be a wonderful place to live and work.

Polo Master Builders and Hiland Hall Turner Architects wish to make a strong statement about the considerable benefits which accrue to their clients and the surrounding community when talented builders and architects work together to create beautiful historically correct, healthy and environmentally sensitive buildings.

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      Update: October 1, 2008


Polo Master Builders assembled a team including Hiland Hall Turner, Peter Salerno, Kim Nadel & Joan Picone who all collaborated to bring this green space to reality.  Led by Roger Polo, Polo Master Builders staff and trade partners implemented the renovation and interior modifications staying within sustainable guidelines.  The execution and craftsmanship that is represented by the structural and visual elements seen within the space is typical of Polo Master Builder’s unique projects.  Polo & Turner collaborated with various venders including F&B Millwork to produce the structural wood components.  The reclaimed lumber was supplied by American Antique & Specialty Woods.  The Carriage House at Twin Maples is an entirely green design space.  Our goal is to use this area of the Show House to demonstrate that historic preservation can be accomplished using sustainable building practices and alternative energy.  There are many measures that owners of older homes can undertake to tighten up the drafts, add energy efficient appliances, and even add solar and geothermal energy systems to go “green”.  All of these items will be on display in an exhibit on the lower level of the estate house.  

      The Kitchen Retreat



                                                      The Captains Study 


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Hiland Hall Turner Architect and Kim Nadel of NICHE Design collaborated to create a vision which explores “Green Design” through the metaphorical use of sustainable materials to allude to maritime elements as well as natural resources of light, air and water. Materials have been chosen to create a tent-like structure much like a captain’s tent in the Serengeti, or a samurai tent on the Japanese mainland. Each material has been selected because of its sustainable design characteristics either as a reclaimed and re-used material as well as its environmentally responsible manufacturing processes. The use of sea grass and straw carpeting to create a tatami-like floor grid symbolizes the natural patterns of materials used by eastern cultures. The reclaimed wood wainscoting expresses the maritime theme, and is reinforced with hemp rope tie-downs to create a tension on the fabric over the gunwale board wainscoting. Further use of reclaimed white oak and pine on the ceiling express the structure and decking materials of vintage handcrafted sailing vessels to provide a place of distinctive character and repose which recall images and the respect of our natural environment.









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